Don’t be a cabbage

A two nil victory, the second successive victory and out of the bottom three, suddenly the weekend is getting better!  But it has been another grinding week in adult social care and I’ve felt lacking in energy or motivation to do much all day.  Earlier in the week I tasted something unusual with my lunch.  My fillings!  Although blessed with a full set of teeth (and hair) a trip to the dentist beckons on Monday.  It’s been a few years since I’ve last visited.  I know!  Do as I say, not as I do!

I’m a little more concerned about my deteriorating eyesight.  My next visit to an optician isn’t due till October but my glasses (which are free due to the work I do) already feel like they’re not up to the job.  I need them for reading and computer work.  And in dimly lit restaurants I need the torch on my phone to be able to read the menu.

This was the week I gave up on The Voice.  I’ve been a viewer since the beginning but I’m tired of it now.  It’s not as though I’m a fan of MOR music.

One progeramme I did enjoy watching is the four part drama of Roots.  Powerful, inspiring and upsetting all at the same time.  For light entertainment I continue to recommend a rerun of Cradle to Grave on Monday nights at 10.  Is it on Sky Arts?  How dare you! Speaking to a colleague a couple of days ago I commented on how few progerammes seem to cast working class people in a positive light.  When I was a kid there were plenty of them, The Likely Lads, On the Buses, Steptoe and Son.  Now what do we have?  Downton Abbey where we enjoy seeing workers being servants.  Oh, but you do see ordinary people on telly.  In progerammes like Binmen on Benefits, Bar staff on Benefits and Jeremy Kyle.  I rest my case.

Teresa May visited Scotland yesterday and said the Scottish Nationalist Party were ‘obsessed’ with independence.  What does she expect them to be obsessed with?  Likewise the Conservatives are obsessed with conserving the power and wealth of the elite.  It’s why they exist.  You can put a saddle on a donkey but it doesn’t make it a racehorse.


As I mentioned Roots earlier, I leave you with the introductory spoken words in the faboulous LP by Misty in Roots, Live at the Euro Countervision.

When we trod this land, we walk for one reason.

The reason is to try to help another man to think for himself.

The music of our hearts is roots music:

music which recalls history,

because without the knowledge of your history,

you cannot determine your destiny;

the music about the present,

because if you are not conscious of the present,

you are like a cabbage in this society;

music which tells about the future and the judgement which is to come.”

*MOR – middle of the road


























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