Pounding the Mean Streets with my DMs

Good morning, an early start as I’m dropping Penny off for a shift but stopped by Shoe Shuffle to get a new pair of DM’s.


I’ve worn nothing but for most of my adult life.  Prior to wearing them I wore moccasins, monkey boots and Chelsea boots..  In the summer I’ll wear flip flops or canvas shoes on holiday.  The whole phenomenon of trainers has passed me by.  I have a pair of Adidas which I wear if doing mucky work in the garden.  I brought them when I was going to jog on a works holiday with Eddie sometime between 1988-93.  The jogging stopped and the trainers remain alive today.  A pair of DM’s isn’t cheap anymore but I will usually get 2 years wear out of them.

Two weeks ago Yazeed arrived from Saudi Arabia, he’s staying with us for 3 months whilst attending a language school.  Unfortunately his English is not great at the moment and with the aid of language apps on phone my Arabic is coming on fine.  I’ve learnt just how many words are exactly the same as Turkish, such as molohiya (a faboulour spinach like dish), patlican (aubergine), Cuma (Friday), Yunan (Greece), fasulya  (beans), nane (mint) and tamam (ok) as well as the more obvious imshallah (God willing) and mashallah (God bless).  I am used to his habit of talking to himself, I’ve been known to do it myself but he actually vocalises.  And he has been keeping in touch with his girlfriend, who he refers to as ‘my love’ via skype.  Living in a multi-story house I use my phone to call him down to eat.


He is not tiling my shower, the above shows the limitations of language apps.

Last weekend I saw Mean Streets for the first time, 44 years after it was made.  I loved the 70s urban street scenes and the soundtrack.  Better late than never.


It reminded me of a cop series I loved in the 1980s called Hill Street Blues.  The episode always began with the sergeant talking to the day shift coppers about the unsolved crimes, political demonstrations expected that day and weather conditions.  And at the end he would also say

An idea that we can adopt in the world of Adult Social Care when we venture out to meet the public.

Another catchphrase was ‘let’s do it to them before they do it to us’.  Not one I’d recommend adopting.

I’d like to end by providing a link to a cover of a Billy Bragg song.  With Trump in charge it’s very poignant.

Have a good weekend.  And be careful out there.



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