Work, rest and play.

Good Sunday morning to you all.  I finally got started on my continuing project in the back garden and front basement Monday and the lawn seeds I planted in October


have started to show results.


There are still some bare patches and some weeds that have also re-grown but as I said in August, it’s a process.

The front basement is ongoing


and I aim to do some painting after I finish this blog.



Yazeed’s mother and sister arrived in Hastings on Friday afternoon to pick him up to spend the weekend in London.  They return on Monday and his visitors return to Saudi Arabia on Friday.  Yazeed’s English remains a work in progress.


My return to work on Wednesday was frustrated by my being locked out of my profile because my password wasn’t recognised.  All restored on Thursday morning but I’m still catching up from having 5 days off.  I also returned to the news that our building is being emptied and we have the joy of an open plan office and no allocated desk space to look forward to in the next month or so.

One of the tasks I had to complete was to write a letter and drop it off at my carers home address.  Male carer explains his wife’s absence by saying she’s out dogging, before he started laughing with embarrassment.  Viewers of Peter Kay’s Car Share will know what I’m on about.

Something I forgot to mention last week was that I saw a 1997 film called As Good As It Gets starring Jack Nicholson, I recommend it.

I watched a documentary on Rio Ferdinand’s struggle to help himself and his children grieve for their mother (and his wife).  I wish him well and hope he remembers he’s not alone and help is available if you reach out for it.

And so ends my last blog of my 52nd year, 48 to go till I get my text greeting from royalty.





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