52 in 2017

Yesterday Penny and I visited Brighton’s latest attraction


The view in it ain’t bad either


And home to some home made cake


Not made by me.

’51 and not giving up the fight’ I said this time last year.  I wanted to look back on my words and work out what I got right and what I got wrong.

In April I said ‘I am waging a daily battle to retain information… these bloody passwords are something I can do without.’ They still are.

In the same month my neighbour sent me a message asking me to stop feeding the seagulls saying ‘we do like to sit out in the garden with our tea sometimes, but their poo went in my tea cup’. The seagulls of Hastings are on a diet, but they’re not starving.

In the same month I was getting excited about Palace’s march towards the FA Cup Final.


Towards the end of April I looked up the definition of anti-semitism which said it was ‘discrimination against or prejudice or hostility toward Jews.’ and expressed ‘if anyone in the Labour Party is guilty of that they deserve to be expelled.’  Well one year later Ken Livingstone remains suspended for another year and some are calling for him to be expelled.  He has made statements about Hitler’s early support for the expulsion of Jews to Palestine in the early 1930s.  Some times in an arguement you need to shut up.

In May the government abandoned plans to make all schools academies,  By July the minister for Education, Nicky Morgan was out of a job and is probably not on the Prime Ministers Christmas Card list after she made comments about her expensive taste in leather trousers.

The referendum on the European Union was getting nearer.

Jack and Joe two little boys were interviewed on the morning of the cup final.

‘What would you say to Alan Pardew, what advice would you give him?’

Jack – Injure Rooney.

Joe – Injure Rooney? I would say ‘give your best lads, if we lose it’s not the end of the world, we can have another chance in about another 20-30 years, or something.

We lost to Man U in a Cup Final when I was 26.  And 51.  Next one is due for when I’m 76,

In June we lost the greatest


And at home we lost


Jo Cox was killed by someone shouting Britain First and the mother of murdered black youth Stephen Lawrence said

‘a message of hatred against foreigners or people with different religions had been getting louder in the UK’.

I described the Euro referendum as ‘a choice between death by poison or strangulation’ and of the campaign

What Farage has done in this campaign is dragged the rest of the Leave campaign into the gutter.  Normally respectable Tories have followed suit.

By Friday we will discover if he is still there but on his own.  Or whether he has dragged the rest of us in there with him.

Well, we’re still in the gutter.  Only last week someone got nearly beaten to death by a group who first enquired if he was an asylum seeker.

After the vote took place I advised that

the only response I can recommend is to accept the result.  There will not be another chance so we can collectively change our minds.

Perhaps there should be but that demand has to come from those who voted to leave, not from those that voted to remain.

I was cheered up by the resignation of Cameron and Osborne and said

‘if there is a re-election for Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn will be re-elected.’

There was a failed coup in Turkey and I said

Erdogan will use last nights events to strengthen his push for Turkey to have a Presidential system

And guess who wants to be President?

In October the Syrian civil war continued and I said

the only way out, and I don’t hope for it, is that there will be an atrocity so bad, so shocking, and on a tv screen near you, that the Russians and American’s will be shamed into doing something they haven’t done so far.  Making peace.  It’s like watching two heavyweight fighters slugging it out, they’re still both on their feet, and both still thinking they can land a knockout punch.

The events of this week haven’t changed my opinion.

In November I spoke to a not so old but very dear friend called Robert, living in western Australia, who I’d found via social media.


In February my mum had a fall, a hip operation and a couple of weeks in hospital.  Mum is now recovering and being supported superbly by my sisters and carers who visit several times a week.  Sadly my mum is unable to return home to care for herself but she couldn’t be anywhere better.



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