We beat Arsenal!


Happy Easter to all but let’s not forget about those who have to work bank holidays and weekends. Such as care workers. This week a study said 900 a day are leaving their jobs, and 60% of them get a job in a different setting. One worker said

“It’s upsetting and disheartening when you find out that people earn more than you do in a supermarket just for stacking shelves.”

Is this the best as a society we can do? I think we can do better.

Tomorrow Penny and I are visiting Kenan who’s birthday it was this week. Here’s him posing with a seagull on his head.


And here’s him with his mum and dad.


Kenan is completing his final year at Brunel and has a job lined up near Watford in the IT industry. Which is great for him. And a little sad for us because we miss him being at home.

17 years ago I brought this 5 storey property in Hastings for 2//3rds of the price I’d sold my 2 bedroom house in Tottenham. I also got a rear garden that’s on 3 levels. And a basement that I’ve been decorating over the past couple of weeks. I also got this as part of the deal.


At least I think I did, it is under the pavement.


I think it was for storing coal when built. Not this


I am finally venturing into this space for the first time as I’ve been prioritising other jobs around the house and garden up till now.

Tomorrow Turkey has a referendum on whether to abolish the position of Prime Minister and replace it with one of Dictator. Or President if you prefer. The ruling party are demonising those against them as supporters of terrorists. Yet a former counter terrorism official (also now branded an enemy of the state) said this

“ISIS has a large logistical support base in Gaziantep. For example, all of its uniforms are tailored in Gaziantep, maybe over 60,000 of them over the last two years.”

An article by Elif Shafak in The Guardian this week said

”We Turks are being asked to choose between “stability” and “democracy”. But this is a false dichotomy. Those who believe in it have learned nothing from history. They have not understood that undemocratic nations are unhappy nations, and unhappy nations cannot possibly be stable.”

For a better understanding of Turkey I recommend you watch the 2 part documentary on IPlayer


When watching Question Time last week there was arguements about whether the Labour Party policy on free school meals are affordable through the taxation of private schools, which are currently treated as thought they are charities. Everyone of the panel supported this idea if not how to implement it. Except the Tory minister. And then she was reminded that she’d supported Michael Gove in the recent Tory election. And even he supported this idea.

Finally I am looking forward to hopefully another victory v Leicester today. On Kenan’s birthday we texted each other whilst watching Palace win against Arsenal. For the first time in his lifetime. Hopefully the second isn’t too far away. I was at Highbury in the North Bank (then seated) when Palace had last beaten the Gunners. Surrounded by Arsenal fans. Expecting to see us lose. But when we scored an impulse compelled me to rise from my seat and cheer. As it did for the supporter two rows ahead of me. Not sure I’d do that at Millwall but I came to no harm. I have a soft spot for Arsenal and hope they can get over their current troubles.

Things I recommend; feeding the children.


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