A slight malfunction in my routine last night and I wake up at 5 am, and stay awake.  It’s something I do every so often, go to sleep without my sleeping tablets.  Not the perfect start to a weekend after what has been a busy week at work but one where progress is made towards supporting vulnerable adults into accommodation.  Soon I’ll have the joy of another Universal Credit application….

Friends of mine from previous workplaces, especially SCOPE where I plied my trade between 1995 – 2000 might be familiar with my propensity to fall asleep during training events.  I was a young dad then (and not taking sleeping tablets) and if I was being trained and they decided to dim the lights and put a video on to demonstrate some learning my body took that as a signal to doze off.  Like this little one.


Well, 20 years later and whilst being trained between 1 – 2:30 I fought to stay alert.  Normally I yawn my way through the day but it feels a bit rude to do that when you’re being skilled up in how to become an even better worker.  Worry not, I know what I’m doing.  Even if it’s after I’ve done it wrong….

Did you know there was a General Election campaign?  It’s kind of overshadowed the local government elections, which are taking place this Thursday.  I’m already sick of hearing about the ‘coalition of chaos’.  Only one party leader has participated in a coalition.  And it’s the one that called the General Election in the first place, Teresa May, Home Secretary in the Tory – Liberal coalition.  The allure of tactical voting remains and I chatted at length with a colleague at work and a friend from the south west this week. For info, Labour had a higher vote than the Liberals and Green’s in Bexhill and Battle, a constituency close to where I live.  I blogged last week about this topic and I am now going to list the seats where if all Labour/ Liberal and Green voters voted for one candidate in exactly the same numbers as in 2015 (and the Tory vote is unchanged), they would defeat the Tory candidate.  Both are far fetched propositions so I still think you should vote for who you want.

If you are Liberal or Green you might want to consider voting Labour in the following areas;

  1. Bedford
  2. Bolton West
  3. Brighton Kemptown
  4. Bristol North West
  5. Bury North
  6. Calder Valley
  7. Camborne & Redruth
  8. Canterbury
  9. Cardiff North
  10. Corby
  11. Croydon Central
  12. Derby North
  13. Gower
  14. Lincoln
  15. Morley & Outwood
  16. Peterborough
  17. Plymouth Moor View
  18. Plymouth Sutton & Devonport
  19. Reading East
  20. Southampton Itchen
  21. Telford
  22. Thurrock
  23. Vale of Clywd
  24. Warrington South
  25. Watford
  26. Waveney
  27. Weaver Vale

And if you are a Labour or Green voter you might consider voting Liberal in the following seats;

  1. Bath
  2. Berwick upon Tweed
  3. Brecon & Radnorshire
  4. Cheadle
  5. Cheltenham
  6. Colchester
  7. Dunbartonshire East (SNP)
  8. Eastbourne
  9. Edinburgh West (SNP)
  10. Fife North East (SNP)
  11. Hazel Grove
  12. Kingston & Surbiton
  13. Lewes
  14. Oxford West & Abingdon
  15. Portsmouth South
  16. St. Ives
  17. Sutton & Cheam
  18. Torbay
  19. Thornbury & Yate
  20. Twickenham
  21. Yoevil

I was reading about a selection of young adults and their feelings about the coming election in last Sunday’s Observer and one person said ‘I will make my decision based on each party’s position on Internet security’…..

Coming back to domestic matters, Yazeed’s mother today returns to Saudi Arabia having been here for about four weeks.  She thanked us for the care and hospitality we have shown her son since he arrived with us in February.  We are expecting his stay to be extended to August, by which time I hope we will not be relying on phone apps to communicate with each other.  His English is improving but it would be better if he spoke more and watched less Arabic language content on his tablet.

Things I recommend; thinking about the economy, the state of health and social care services.  As well as Internet security.

Things I don’t recommend; forgetting things.



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