Where has the Conservative Party gone?

Good Saturday morning to you all.  Jafer is returning home later this evening and tomorrow we’ll watch Palace v Hull together.  If we lose we’re at huge risk of relegation because we might have to beat Manchester United in our last game of the season at Old Trafford.  But we’ve beaten Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal this season so it’s not completely beyond us.  My mood this week has improved.  Next week I am meeting up with Ben, Yat, John and Andreas for a few drinks and a catch up.  They’re friends from my teenage years and we get together once a year and keep in touch via social media etc. the rest of the time.

My post last week generated quite a response and I am thankful for the support you expressed about my disgust about the mud slinging at the parents of a missing child. However neither the person who made the post nor their many friends who voiced support for the views they expressed have opted to have a debate with me about their opinions.  Silence is their response.

On the back of the local election results I looked at the data from 2015 General Election results and assessed how many seats the Conservative’s would have won if all UKIP voters had voted for them instead.  The results are grim.  They would have a majority of 154 seats.  It highlights my point that a ‘progressive alliance’ of Labour, Liberals and Greens is not enough.  People who voted Tory or UKIP have to be persuaded not to vote for them again if a Tory government is to be avoided.

Teresa May continues on her tour of the country where she is sneaked into buildings by the back door to speak to her supporters who are bussed in from neighbouring areas. She may be speaking ‘in the hood’ but she’s not speaking to people that are from ‘the hood’.  Her cowardice at avoiding meeting the public may be a clever strategy because on the few occasions a member of the public has slipped through the security to speak to her she doesn’t come across too well.  The Conservative Party has been abolished.


We are instead being asked to vote for her personally and her party name is in small print, a bit like the terms and conditions that screw us when we sign paperwork.  What was the sense of triggering article 50 which gives the UK 24 months to complete negotiations to exit the European Union at the end of March.  Over 2 out of those 24 months will have been wasted in this election campaign when she could have been trying to get the best deal for Britain.

The news on the economy is grim.  Prices are rising higher than wages.  Which means your standard of living is falling.

Later in the week a draft of the Labour Party manifesto was leaked.  More money for the health service.  Reversing the tax cuts for corporations.  Greater rights in the workplace to allow unions to negotiate improved conditions.  Ending the subsidy of privatised rail companies and taking them back into public ownership and running them for the benefits of commuters not shareholders.  A big increase in the building of social housing.  No tuition fees.  That’s right.  Free education.  What’s not to like?

On Thursday night I saw Question Time and the Tory minister got a rough reception from the audience.  I attach a link to it.


Things I recommend; being prepared to debate your beliefs.

Things I don’t recommend; silence.




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