Locked out Boogie

Good morning and on a personal level it’s been an eventful few weeks.  Kenan got a first in his degree and yesterday learnt that he’d been awarded a prize for best final year project in the Electronics and Computer Engineering field.  In a couple of weeks we’ll be heading up to London for his graduation ceremony.  Jafer, like most people in the education sector, is counting down to end of term and a nice few weeks break from 5-11 year olds in August. He’s down in Hastings for the weekend.

This week saw the arrival of four girls from Italy, Marta, Guilia, Alice and Eleonara.  They appear to be enjoying themselves and have filled out a form for us so we’re aware of likes / dislikes etc.  I’ve never heard of an allergy to kiwi fruit before, but two of them have it.  I can assure them that they will not be provided with any during the fortnight they’re with us.  Today they’re up early and off to London.

At work we now have a week remaining in our current office space before moving to a lovely open plan office with restricted parking in St. Leonard’s town centre.

The other day I had a missed call from an unknown number, I returned the call and it was a mistake, I then received this text:


I hope my neighbour (cos I too live on Nelson Road) is now reunited with his home.  And if he’s got my landline number too please don’t call me 3 times at 1:30 in the morning like someone did last week.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been enjoying watching Sean Bean in Broken (BBC 1 on Tuesday nights) and the new series of Fargo on Channel 4 on Wednesday nights.

Earlier this week someone ran over 8-9 people around the corner from where I lived in the late 1980s for a year.  I will revisit the area next week with my friend John.  Overseas the mosque in Mosul has been blown up.  By people who claim to be Muslims. Uncultured, uneducated and soon to be wiped out from Iraq and Syria.  But I fear the reaction to their defeat at home and I am braced for more outrages.

Our GP Practice is now almost entirely run by locums.  Penny was told to turn up at 8 am on Monday morning to register with another practice.  They accept 15 new patients a week.  I dropped her off at 8:30 am but she was too late and had to visit the walk in centre.  Thankfully I haven’t had cause to visit the practice for a couple of years but it’s an indication of the crisis in the NHS.  Things have gone downhill since the lovely Dr Male (and yes he was) died on Christmas Day a few years ago.  Another GP practice based in the same building has just been placed in special-measures by the Care Quality Commission.  Just as I was writing this blog a friend of mine put something up on Facebook regarding this story.

I put my foot in it every so often.  Not so much as I used to when I was younger.  But sometimes I can’t stop myself.  I’m talking about social media etiquette.  I was chatting to my nephew and niece about this a few weeks ago.  What do you do when your friends share something that upsets you?  My response depends on my relationship with the person who’s posted.  Sometimes I send them a personal message telling them how I feel. Sometimes I respond to the post itself.  And sometimes enough is enough and I unfriend them.  Last week a friend put up a post which linked pensioner poverty to asylum seekers and refugees.  My reply:

“Is this bollocks still doing the rounds?

Is it a coincidence that in a week when sympathy for people who’ve settled in Britain from overseas is at an all-time high after being burned to death that this nonsense gets recirculated?”

I’m glad I said it.  And I got a positive response for doing so.

Some would say I shouldn’t have done it as people are entitled to their opinions.

Of course they are.

But if you put it on Facebook where I can see it I see that as an invitation for a response.

At home, I’ve been analysing the data from the General Election.  The results were as follows;

Conservative 318

Labour 262

SNP 35

Liberal Democrat 12

DUP 10

Others 13

With a 5% swing towards Labour at the next election the results would be;

Labour 343

Conservative 262

SNP 13

Liberal Democrat 12

Others 21

The best Labour performance was in Bristol West where their vote increased by 30%. The best Tory performance was in Gordon (in Scotland) where they increased their vote by 29%.  The best Liberal performance was in Richmond Park (in south west London) where they increased their vote by 25.8%.

I’d like to end by telling another friend called John that I hope he’s ok, and I’m around if he needs to chat.  But if he doesn’t that’s ok and I hope to catch up with him at the end of the year.



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