Finsbury Park to Highgate, Corbyn to Marx.

Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn came to Hastings & St. Leonard’s.  Our plans were uncoordinated because I went to north London where I met up with John and we took a route I often used to do when younger with my mates, from Hornsey Road to Waterlow Park.  Traffic delays meant I was half hour late and John had trouble locating the Rainbow Theatre.  Trouble is it’s been a Brazilian evangelical church since 1995.  We quickly walked passed the dead end where an idiot drove a hired van into 11 people in the early hours as they came out of a mosque.  This was round the corner from where I rented a room above a Greek restaurant in the mid 80s for a year.  A little walk down we passed Jeremy Corbyn’s house.


As I said, he was elsewhere.


We had a bite to eat in his local cafe, nice chips and chops and then continued down the Seven Sisters Road and did a right at Sussex Way.  This road is parallel to Hornsey Road and Holloway Road but is a quiet residential area so we could hear ourselves think.  I took some photos on the way;


Eventually we went over a railway bridge, this one is disused with a public footpath instead.


We went past the old Archway School which merged with our Tolly Park to become George Orwell.  It’s now a catholic girls secondary.



We crossed St. John’s Way and it gets slightly posher;



After giving some cash to a homeless man we continued till we got to the main road and went over suicide bridge.


Until we got to Waterlow Park where we had a drink in the cafe.  I got blank looks when I asked about the putting green.  It’s no longer there although there are tennis courts and an area set aside for people to have barbecues.


Leaving the park by the back entrance


You arrive at Highgate Cemetary where many famous people are buried.  From comedians;


to philosophers


to the manager of the Sex Pistols


and some I didn’t know but felt a connection with.


George Michael is also buried here but in an unknown private location which isn’t public, at least not yet.

Karl Marx is actually buried in a more discreet plot, which we looked for and found, attended to by two visitors speaking Turkish.  The cemetary is one of my favourite quiet spots in London.  Although many people from all over the world visit, they are respectful of the people who are underneath the ground.

Leaving the cemetary John and I walked until we came to a main road, hopped onto a C2 and got off at Kentish Town tube and found ourselves somewhere to enjoy a pot of Earl Gray and baklava.


A long and tiring day, I got public transport back to Norwood Junction where I’d parked my car in my private spot near Selhurst Park and drove the rest of the way home.

Things I recommend; finding sanctuary amongst the hustle and bustle.  I hope to find it in an open plan office this week too.

Here’s a rough outline of the day.

final version 001.jpg



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