The dangerous world of greengrocers

Hello there on a sunny cold Saturday morning.  All is quiet here and am looking forward to Palace hopefully winning v Stoke later.  It’s been a grim season but performances have improved without reward.  Maybe today.

I achieved something in the past week.  I completed the reading of a book.  It was one I couldn’t stop reading once I started, on the history of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq between 1912 – 1948.  Having finished this I am now hoping to continue and re-read Tony Benn’s biographies in the hope of finding answers to today’s questions.

Last week I mentioned how I stabbed myself. I was about 15 years old and working in Gibbers of Holloway on Seven Sisters Road at the time.  Such an act was accidental not an act of deliberate self harm.  I did it with something like this;



Whilst trimming


cauliflowers to make them nicely presented for display.  I was wearing


one of these warehouse coats.  Note where the lower pockets are.  If you put knife in picture 1 into such a lower pocket, and then lift a


crate of cauliflowers up to your chest and then lower it down your body.  Bringing the knife down into your upper thigh in the process.  That is how I came to stab myself.  I was taken to the Royal Northern Hospital to have some stitches.  No further harm came to myself.

I might get Kenan to film a video re-enaction when he comes home for Christmas.  I’ve been watching I’m a Celebrity and Eastenders and I’m becoming aware of Vlogging.  But I think I’ll stick to blogging.

Things I recommend;  the new LP by The Stereophonics.  It’s great.

Things I don’t recommend; forgetting where the knife is.

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