26 is half of 52

Good Sunday to all and happy birthday to Jafer

jafer 001

a little older today than in this photo. Now a young man living in London and working in a school. He has reached the age I was when I got married and became a father.

Yesterday I visited the V&A in London to see the launch of a film titled 100 Years of Turkish Cypriot Migration To The UK. It was commissioned by the Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations (UK) and was a lovely film up to an hour in length and involving conversations with British based Turkish Cypriots talking about their childhood in Cyprus and their early experiences in the UK, primarily in London. It was quite an early start for us, leaving just after 9 and returning 10 hours later to have a late supper with Khalid. Jafer had prior engagements due to it being his birthday weekend but Kenan joined us to see the film and events associated with it’s launch. This included some folk dancing, some speeches from different figures in the Turkish Cypriot community and a British Lord who is a Tory. Afterwards there was a question and answer session, which wasn’t in the progeramme schedule. In typically Turkish fashion the timetable was aspirational and optimistic and it over ran. The chair pleaded for questions about the documentary but the audience disregarded his plea and asked political questions about direct flights to northern Cyprus amongst other things.

Feeling hungry we looked for somewhere to have some lunch. But the cafe in musuem was expensive so we looked outside for somewhere reasonably priced. In South Kensington. We succeeded and returned to the museum to see the photography exhibition in one of the seminar rooms. It was crowded but I came across a space where info was presented about my fathers village, Luricina. I got talking to the man who was standing by and it was Ismail Veli who has created a website to explore family history in our village. We have continued the conversation by email etc. since and I now know my family history back a couple of hundred years on my paternal grandfather’s line. My great great grandfather Ramadan Kara-Mustafa (Zorno) was born in 1834, his father was Kara-Mustafa Mehmet Katri (Hrisafi) and was born in 1789 and his grandfather was Ehmet Ismail Katri. Fascinating and a delightful end to the day.

As I said Jafer had his own plans for yesterday, including watching Palace draw 2-2 against Bournemouth and Ben (Bloody) Teke miss a penalty in injury time. He insisted on taking this even though Milivojevic (our penalty taker) was on the pitch. He’s already scored one penalty in the game and should have take the second. This is going to be long season. I hope those lost two points don’t prove costly. And that Benteke scores goals by the bucket-load between now and the end of the season.

All in all a great day and an opportunity to bump into some friends too, it really is a small world if you make the effort to stay in contact with others and with your identity.

Things I reccomend; building bridges. In Britain, Cyprus, Syria, Israel – Palestine, everywhere.

Things I don’t reccomend; blowing up bridges. Teresa May is going to need to realise that to get a majority in Parliament she needs to take account of views expressed by those that want to exit the European Union with a close relationship maintained. Is she brave enough to upset those who are in the minority? She will need to.

Things I am looking forward to; Christmas. Time off work. Jafer and Kenan’s company. And seeing family and friends. What’s not to like?


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