2017 – The year someone shot themselves in the foot.

Jafer is home and Kenan is on his way round the M25. Christmas can soon start. And I’m ready. The end of a long week and a 3:30 pm finish meant I could join the masses in Morrisons for a few essentials (beer and cake). Proper shopping tomorrow but will be back in time for 3 pm kick off v Swansea. How dare they sack their manager before they play us? We are well overdue 3 points against them. This weekend gone I made a prearranged call to Robert in western Austrailia, lovely to catch up with him and would be even lovelier to see him in UK in August 2017 or August 2018.

I thought I’d try and review the year and dole out some insignificant awards.

Nicest thing I heard this year;

I think I do ok at my job and I get lots of praise and support from my colleagues. But a client in one of my carers homes was talking to me this year and talking about her boyfriend who needed accommodation. I said I was trying to help him and she said ‘you’re good at finding people places to live’.

The highs of 2017;

A three week tour of Europe by train. I made my pilgrimage to Sarajevo. Met up with Rocco near Venice. Had some fantastic food all over, especially Italian. Saw some awe inspiring Roman architecture in Split and saw stunning scenery in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The journey from Munich to Zagreb was good too.

Other highs include Palace surviving another relegation battle, we’re getting good at that. And now facing yet another one this season too. We have survived for a record breaking fifth season in the top division. To all Palace fans under a certain age I say this, ‘you’ve never had it so good’. None of us have.

On a more personal note my boys are still doing well. Kenan graduated and is now working and living in west London. Jafer continues to work in a school near Elephant and Castle and London Bridge.

I continue to try and stay in touch with friends and family. There’s never enough time to see anyone enough and I’m sorry I haven’t seen some of you at all.

I was talking about the highs, the lows include some of my friends having relationship problems. But in one instance the year has ended well and they have reunited. I look forward to that lunch in the Kent marshes in 2018.

I attended only one funeral this year, compared to the 9 the previous year so that was an improvement. Terry died two years ago and last year on the anniversary of his passing Penny and I visited his grave. This year I’d like to do the same on the anniversary of his birth. Because his life is much more important to celebrate.

In the new year I look forward to a colleague returning from maternity leave. It will be a busy start as I potentially have four people to find accommodation for and on the first day back I am taking someone to view two potential services.

I have met up with my mate John several times including some walking tours of north London, his boy succeeded in getting on a medical course and I hope he has a great career as a doctor in front of him. In about 6 years time when he finishes his course.

I met up with John, Andreas, Yat and Ben in May and have an arrangement in March to do so again. I must not miss the last train home this time. Or I must plan to stay over in a hotel. If Robert does make it over I hope we can arrange a get together in the summer too. And another positive is that one of us (not me) has become a grandparent.

Another high is the General Election, Teresa May was given a gun to finish off the Labour Party and instead


shot herself in the foot. She’s still jumping up and down in pain. Limping about in pain Teresa carries on because she hasn’t got a successor lined up. And if she went the pressure for a general election to elect a government with a majority would build up. As well as increasing the Labour vote, the General Election has shut up Jeremy Corbyn’s critics in the party. He’s not so unelectable now is he? But the job is only half done and we mustn’t assume the next time won’t be another almighty effort to persuade people that there’s an alternative to this shower of shite running the country.

And now to the awards. The best discovered act.

Dave. I saw him on Later with Joolz. I think he’s great.

Best LP; it’s hard to choose one but I’m going to go for Laura Marling’s Semper Femina. She just gets better and better. The following acts are also worth a mention as fine efforts: British Sea Power, Dreadzone, Elbow, The Stereophonics and The Strypes.

Best thing on telly; difficult again to choose, The Detectorists is possibly the best sitcom I’ve seen for a while.

Things I recomend; humility.



A sense of humour.

Things I don’t recommend;


spending money on things you don’t need.

Things I recommend you spend your money on;


Nights out with friends.

Things you should never spend your money on;

The Sun

The Times

Sky TV

You can’t change the world on your own but you can stop evil bastards getting richer and more powerful.

I will end by wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I will be re-posting some travel blogs between now and 2018 to help us forget for a little while what a shit US president we have and other negatives.


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