I lied. I’m sorry.

A point gained today, but it could have been so much more if that injury time penalty had gone in……

Football can cause extreme joy, extreme pain and today, extreme frustration.  But to put it in perspective we played Manchester City, who before today had played 20 games in the league and had won 19 of them and drawn the other.  Apart from Everton, we are the only team that has taken points from the likely winners of the Premier League.  I would say May but they’re so far ahead I suspect they will clinch the trophy in April.  So to the lads I say, ‘we’re proud of you’, enjoy a drink or two tonight, but not too many because we have a game on Tuesday coming up on the south coast.  After which I hope to be doing this…


Yesterday a trip to London to see my family on the occasion of my mum’s birthday.  Also joining us was Khalid, our student from Jordan.  We had a meal in a Turkish restaurant


after which we went back to Ayse’s for cake, hot drinks, snacks, cold drinks and conversation.  You get the picture.

It’s been quite a year for my mum, she broke her hip in January and has been living with my sister since.  Next time I see her I will have pen and paper ready to get my family tree up to date.  I have been sent a DNA kit and my sisters and I will await the results with interest.  I spent an hour having a laugh with her about how long it would take to get to different locations in Cyprus by donkey.  Too long is the short answer.  But she did tell me how she travelled to Magusa to work in a clothing factory making up British army uniforms by car with a relative.

It’s been a happy week, I’ve been cooking a variety of meals for some of the week for a houseful which has steadily emptied as the boys have returned to London for the new year.  Khalid has experienced Christmas for the first time.  Pudding with rum poured over it and a light set to it did not appeal to him but I think the rest of it was fine.  For a change we had turkey instead of chicken this Christmas, I was highly dubious about cooking it at 140c for two hours and ten minutes (it was only a crown not a whole bird) but it turned out ok.  As did my chestnut and apricot stuffing which I attempted for only the second time, the first time being in 1990 when Ben’s mother provided the recipe.  We were in a one bedroomed flat in Bounds Green at the time.

As it’s new year it’s a time for resolution and mine is the same as last year.

  1. to see as many of my friends and family as possible.
  2. to retain my compassion for others and not become fatigued and cynical.  I know it’s hard to turn on the news or turn the pages of a paper but I intend to stay informed.  I hope you will join me.
  3. to continue the range of packet sauce mixes and extend my cooking skills.  My chicken biriani is appreciated by all who’ve eaten it.  Paella is going to be my next attempt.

I seek to speak the truth on a weekly basis but I have an apology to make to Kenan.  A few weeks ago I said he (and Jafer) hated Brussels sprouts.  It’s not true.  He may not love them but he doesn’t hate them and he does eat them.  Unlike Jafer.

Christmas Eve I popped into The Clown after last minute shopping and Penny joined me for a few drinks.  It was only intended as a short visit but one thing led to another and when someone buys you a drink as you’re planning to leave the least you can do is drink it.  Thank you Victor.

Television wise I’ve been catching up with some old movies.  I saw As Good As It Get’s starring Jack Nicholson.  Has he ever made a bad movie?  I don’t know what it is with me and grumpy old men, I’m drawn to them like bees to flowers.  I also saw Thelma and Louise.  For the first time.  I know that may shock some of you.  A most unsatisfactory ending I felt.  But an enjoyable film nonetheless.

I would like to end by asking some questions.  Where are those Tories who joined the Labour Party to vote for Corbyn because they thought he would lead them to ruin?  Where are Chris, Veronica M and Fuzzy Duck now?  Lost your voice have you?  Where’s the Daily Telegraph follow up to this story?  This was the original.


Happy new year.  May 2018 be better than 2017 for you all.

Things I recommend; checking facts more thoroughly before pressing ‘publish’.

Things I don’t recommend; the Honours List.  Get rid of it.  We don’t need Sirs, Lords, Ladies, OBE’s, CBE’s and all the rest of that bollocks.










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