PM’s selective listening to clear messages from British public

Hello, and a late start to Sunday for me.  Yesterday I met up with John and we passed by groups of tourists 20180106_132050

and some old haunts


and an old housing block which was built in an age when the rich felt they had a duty to help the poor


before we arrived at the British Musuem.


A misleading name in some ways.  Yes it’s a musuem.  Yes it’s in Britian.  But most of what’s inside it isn’t.  Including objects from ancient Greece



and ancient Egypt,



How these objects got here is contentious.  I remember visiting Ephesus in Turkey many years ago and the guide pointed out that if you wondered why the site seemed so incomplete you had to visit Great Russell Street in London to see why.  Just as there are objects from around the world there were people too.  If you’re in the area it’s worth a look.  And it’s free.

The first week back at work at the Shard of St. Leonard’s

6670OceanHouse_pic1 (1).jpg

and I was in office most of the week, trying to catch up with paperwork.  Outside of the office I have made plans to meet up with Richard and Lesley in February.  I will also hopefully be visiting Edinburgh in the spring.  And I emailed a friend who’s mother after watching The Blue Planet decided to do something about the plastic in her home.  She burnt the lot.  Despite her daughter telling her it’s the worst thing she could have done with it.

Across the Atlantic a book has been published about the orange one who has this week declared himself a genius.


One comment about him made from one of his staff is ‘he doesn’t read, he doesn’t listen, he just bumps off like the sides of a pinball machine’.  Last week he told us that his nuclear button is bigger than anyone else’s.

Closer to home his number one fan, who rushed to the USA to be the first to congratulate him on his victory, has said she is ‘not impressed’ by Toby Young’ who has gone out of his way to offend women and children with disabilities, amongst others.  If she is not impressed don’t give him the job.

Today Teresa May has said there will be no push to legalise fox hunting as there was a clear message from the British public against this during last years General Election.  She has said “My own view has not changed but as prime minister, my job isn’t just about what I think about something, it’s actually about looking at what the view of the country is”.  That’s great.  She has woken up and smelt the coffee about this subject.  But she will be judged not just for what she does but for the fact that she thinks fox hunting is acceptable.

Things I reccomend;

This new documentary on BBC1, Miriam Margolis is travelling north to south in USA trying to make sense of the country.

Reading and listening.

Things I don’t reccomend;

Hanging on too long when you’re not wanted.  When will Teresa May get this clear message from last years election?








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