Missing files

Good morning.  Penny is away for a couple of days and yesterday Khalid spent the day in Brighton with a load of Brazilians studying locally.  He wasn’t impressed that they journeyed with a packed lunch whilst he found somewhere to have a feast.  This meant I had a Friday afternoon dilemma and I sought the views of my colleagues.  Do I;

  1. arrange to have a curry and a few beers with a mate
  2. spend a night in with the cats watching telly
  3. pop down to stationers to pick up a bumper pack of Wordsearch and a box set of Pointless DVD.

Allright, I made the last one up.  The consensus was for number 1 but some suggested a night in with a curry and some mates.  Anyway, it ended up being number two because my friend was otherwise engaged, but next Friday it will be.

My head is therefore not sore as I’m writing this and I am looking forward to Penny’s return later, but before, an away game v Arsenal.  Our recent good form has helped us up the table and we have nothing to fear, we narrowly lost 3v2 just after Christmas.  Tomorrow we have arriving two Dutch 18 year old females for up to two weeks.  Our first students from that country in 16 years of doing this.  I’m expecting their English to be excellent and I hope mine will be improved by the time they leave.

Last weekend after victory v Burnley was confirmed I set off for the Stapleton Tavern and met up with maybe about 20-30 former students of my secondary school.  My English teacher wasn’t there but Diane, a class mate who I haven’t seen for 30 plus years was, and she filled in some gaps in my memory.  A friendly crowd made for an enjoyable occasion and I enjoyed chatting to many others including Lorna who chatted to me about all sorts of stuff.  We both agreed that the basis of good care, whether it be in personal, social or health setting is to listen to people and to try and act on what they say.

It’s pretty crappy watching the news at the moment.  The big story this week is about workers seeing their jobs threatened and the public seeing their services threatened.  The local authority I work for is trying to save £10 million over the next few years and has invited me to a ‘Staff Engagement Event’ to find out more.  I’d sooner pull my own teeth out.  But instead I’ll spend the time doing what I like doing best, helping the public access support and services.  I have made a formal complaint about the loss of a file that neither the DWP or the outsourced medical service it uses seems to be able to find.  This might be just a small administrative error but it means someone is on a reduced income.  I’m expecting a call within the next week.

I want to leave you with something beautiful.  Put your headphones on, close your eyes and allow yourself to be emotional whilst you listen to a track by an act called Quadron called Befriend.

I first learnt about this act when reading an article and hearing that the now departed Prince was a fan of this act.  Only two LP’s out, I look forward to the third.





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