10 November, week 16

Saturday 2 November;

A long day but a good day celebrating Ceyda’s 21st birthday, we got home at 11:30 pm after dropping off Jafer and Bea. Mum is late for bed and hopefully late to wake up tomorrow.

England lost the rugby, a shame but there you go.

Good night.

Sunday 3 November;

Mum awake at 6, I stayed in bed till 7:30. Had a day at home apart from a short shopping trip. Did some cleaning, cooking and watched Palace lose to Leicester, it wasn’t a good game and I can’t complain. Mum was tired and went to bed after 8. She’s been out of sorts most of the day. I think she’s still recovering as we both are. However, it was good to see everyone and I was glad to be there.

Monday 4 November;

Finally got my energy levels back after driving over 200 miles. Got up at 7, mum awake at her usual 6, in a good mood this morning, spoilt a bit by being washed and changed so I took her to the supermarket to divert her. Andrea from the care agency came to complete an assessment, mum responded well to her and she’s coming back this weekend when Penny is away. After lunch the sun was out and mum’s mood was bright so we went to Ashford and brought some tops for her, she wanted to walk but got tired and sat in the chair we’d brought with us. The layout of the Retail Park has changed, there appear more shops and less food outlets. Got back to make kofte, by now mum is too tired to be involved but wanders a bit. After dinner she settles but asks to go to bed and then wanders some more, mainly into my bedroom. She gets cross with me redirecting her back.

Mum still won’t wear her dentures and again said her teeth hurt.

I got a call from the Labour Party asking if I’d like to be more involved in this General Election campaign. I explained I’m a bit tied up with caring duties but I try and do my bit with social media and blogs. Which brings me to conversations I was having on Saturday both at Ayse’s and also on the Palace Comrades site. There’s a bit of gloom around at the moment almost as if the election has been lost already. But I look at it like this. If the country is represented by 100 people, 20 will always vote Labour, 20 will always vote Tory and 5-10 will vote Liberal, Green, whatever. It’s not the likes of me who decide the fate of the country. It’s the 45-50 people who either make up their mind during the campaign or are influenced by the events since the last General Election. And it’s those 45-50 we’ve got to convince. I know everyone is going on about Brexit, but don’t forget Johnson’s deal got a majority before he threw his toys out of the pram and asked for an election. Leaving the EU is going to be so shit in the short term that it suits Johnson to try and win an election before it happens so that there are 4-5 years before people can pass judgement on the politicians that have got us into the mess. And as Farage has stated, it’s not the end of the process, just the end of the beginning and the beginning of the most serious part of it. We are not going to have a break from Brexit just because we leave the EU, whether it be in January or whenever. Anyway Farage is being very rude about the Tories and visa versa so I’m hopeful.

Tuesday 5 November;

I logged on to laptop and it had died as it had been switched on since Friday so had to go into office first thing instead of working from home as I’d planned. I then turned up for a meeting at 10 with a carer who wasn’t expecting me because she hadn’t turned over her calendar from October to November. I then got home for lunch with mum and Sevda and dropped them off at the park so mum could get out. But she didn’t want to be out and they came straight back by taxi. Mum is unsettled today and not in the best of moods. She was hostile to the idea of getting washed this morning but she did need one and wasn’t happy about having one this evening.

I’m a bit flat today.

I got news that Chris’s friend Sue had passed away. I have the opportunity to see him this Saturday although it’s not my place to tell him. I haven’t seen him for two months, I feel bad about it although it can’t be helped due to the need to care for mum. Back to the World by Curtis is playing as I write this, you can always rely on Curtis to inspire and uplift.

Wednesday 6 November;

A day at work, I went in after lunch as I had a meeting in the morning. Mum not happy with my efforts to brush her teeth this morning and I can’t explain the link between bad dental hygiene and the tooth ache she complains about. Lunch with Sevda was good, she’d prepared a bean dish the night before, which she didn’t have to do but wanted to. After yesterday I didn’t suggest they go out. This evening mum in an ok mood.

Got irritated at work today with ansaphone messages I’m not supposed to get and can’t retrieve.

Thursday 7 November;

A mixed day. Mum as usual happy with breakfast but not with getting washed and changed afterwards. I took her to the GP surgery for a review of her heart condition. The absence of a blood test prior to this appointment wasn’t a major issue. They checked her blood pressure, weighed her, did other tests, asked some questions. I had to google translate ‘palpitations’ from English to Turkish. Generally they were happy with how mum was doing, they were female which I think may help and they even gave her a flu jab. The only advice I gave to them was to do it without ceremony and it was over before she had time to shout at or hit them. After that we went shopping and had lunch. The worst of the day was the abuse mum gave me for 5 minutes early afternoon, I think she’d been irritated with me since personal care and my tiredness meant I didn’t respond to a question from her in the right way. So I got called all the names under the sun and was told to get out of her house. Anyway I let her find her own space and then when she’d got it out of her system she was receptive to coming back into the lounge. I took Molly to the vets, they’re pleased with her progress too, no limping. But another lot of medication and another forty quid for the pleasure. I then took mum out to get some fruit and veg and returned and tried to fix a toilet roll holder, unsuccessfully. I failed in my aspiration to replace the doorbell and sort out the shed which I can’t access because the lock won’t unlock. After dinner I watched telly and mum was in a good mood but went to bed between 8 – 9. She wasn’t pleased with me redirecting her to her own bedroom when she wanted to sleep elsewhere.

Penny and I then finally got a chance to talk about a holiday in April. At the moment we’re thinking of driving down to the south of France.

I’m nervous about the election and depressed about the thought of another five years of Tory government. But interestingly Johnson has discovered May’s trick of speaking in empty warehouses to a handful of people, mostly journalists.


Friday 8 November;

Watched Question Time last night and that cheered me up. The audience was in Glasgow and the Tory got a rough reception from the audience. The gloss on their campaign is beginning to come off.

A day at work but for mum a day of people coming and going. Penny’s gone to her mum’s for a few days, Sevda covered the lunch period, Jafer and Bea came for a few hours in the afternoon and then I got home. And we now have a new oven and hob, finally, after having them delivered in August. When I got home I cooked chicken, rice and okra. Mum ate and sat with me and started nodding off and asked to go to bed between 7 and 8. She’s been asleep since. I fear an early start tomorrow.

Saturday 9 November;

Mum up at 6:30, not as bad as it could have been. We had a nice morning and then the carer turned up and mum got upset, so just got changed into clothes. I took her out to dump the oven and hob and pick up some stuff from Sainsbury’s and then got back for lunch and then watched the match. My brother in law turned up and took mum up to London and I watched the remainder of the match. We lost two nil away to Chelsea. I was intending to see Chris in the stroke rehab unit but he was off-site today.  Elgin Eagle from the Palace Comrades site will be disappointed to learn that I got my hair cut, finally got round to putting some air into my tyres and enjoyed my own company.

I looked at the details of this ‘remain alliance’. 60 seats in England and Wales where the Greens, Liberals and Plaid Cymru will not oppose each other. The Green’s get a free run in 10 seats, including the one they already hold and managed to win last time, when the Liberal’s didn’t stand. They get to represent this contemptible alliance in Bristol West where they are 50% behind the Labour candidate. And in the Isle of Wight where they are 34% behind the Tories and the Liberals got 4% last time. Of the other 7 seats, they got 1% last time (in Stroud and Vale of Glamorgan) and 2% (in Exeter, Forest of Dean, Dulwich and West Norwood and Cannock Chase) and a magnificent 4% in Bury St Edmunds. In none of the 9 seats they don’t currently hold would the combined Liberal/Green/Plaid Cymru vote have led to victory in 2017. The Liberals get a free run in 43 seats. Five of these they won last time without any deals with other parties. They include seats they were hoping to win such as North Cornwall and seats that defecting MP’s like Luciana Berger are standing in. She isn’t going to ask the people of Liverpool Wavertree to re-elect her as a Liberal. She is now the candidate in Finchley & Golders Green where this was the result last time.

Conservative 47% – Labour 44% – Liberal 7% – Green 2% – UKIP 1%

They’re miles out of sight and the most likely outcome of the Liberals and Green’s combining their votes is not very much. If the Liberal’s and Green’s were serious about defeating the Tories in this seat, they would tell people to vote Labour.

A contemptible political pact which is presented as being an anti-Brexit pact but which is seeking to defeat anti-Brexit Labour MPs and if successful in taking votes that went to Labour last time, will result in more Tories being elected. Vote Liberal get a Tory government. We’ve seen that nightmare before in the 2010-15 coalition between those two parties.

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