23 November, week 18

Sunday 17 November;

I’ve had pain in my neck and back all day, caused I think by being overactive first thing this morning.  Which I had to be as there was some essential cleaning to do.

A slowish start and some success with personal care although no thanks for it.  I decided to drop off some lego to a children’s home as the deputy manager put a message out on the staff message board (online) that they had a new kid who loved lego but they didn’t have the money to buy it.  When we arrived the staff member opened the door to me and said ‘here’s the lego man’.  A small boy was behind her excited by my delivery.  I’d driven to Seaford and we thought we’d see the sea in Seaford.  Hastings is better.  It was about an hours drive and mum was in a bad mood by the time we arrived, her explanation made no sense.  We stopped for a hot drink and a slice of cake and then did some shopping before arriving back home.  Mum’s mood improved with the eating of a cake and was ok for the rest of the day.  It’s been cold and mum wanted to go to bed at 7.  She’d already got in bed an hour earlier but I coaxed her out.  She’s come out of her room at 9 and then just after 10 and I’m up watching I’m A Celebrity and will go to bed soon.

Monday 18 November;

Woke up with pain in back of my neck, but it got better as the day progressed.

Mum’s mobility has declined in the last week or so, she is having a pain in her left leg and I am back to taking the wheelchair out with me everywhere again.

Today a good day.  Mum had a hair cut.  Not much of one, but the fact she sat still long enough to allow Michelle to cut it is significant.  Even if she was facing me rather than the mirror and I was holding her hands and distracting her by humouring her.  We weren’t ambitious enough to allow them to wash mum’s hair.  Forty pounds?  But anyway a success is a success.

Gave a friend advice about where his son should vote.  Newcastle East is a better use of a Labour vote than Hertsmere.

Mum is going to bed earlier and earlier.  She got up to go home between 6 and 7, and then found her in bed.  Got her up and into the lounge where she stretched out on sofa and fell asleep there instead.  She did this yesterday but didn’t get up till after 7:30 so either she’s sleeping for 12 hours or something else is going on.

Mum still won’t believe she’s wearing dentures.  After persuading them they were hers she’s now forgotten she wears them at all and believes all her teeth are real.

Tuesday 19 November;

I kept waking up every two hours or so during the night.  No reason, but not feeling great first thing in the morning as a result.

A day at work, a meeting in the morning and then into the office after lunch.  Mum’s carer was poorly so Penny spent the day at home with her, which was quite difficult for both.  I took mum to get some groceries when I got home and her mood was lifted.  She went to bed between 7 and 8 tonight.

Johnson and Corbyn debated on telly tonight.  Johnson avoided answering questions and thought every question was about Brexit, even one about what Christmas present he’d leave Corbyn.  I think Corbyn edged it but not by much and I don’t think it will change people’s views much.  I hope I’m wrong.

Wednesday 20 November;

A day at work.  In for team meetings which started at 9:30 and finished just before 1.  Far too long for me to be still.  No time for lunch as I had to be in Bexhill for another meeting for 1:30.  However people I was due to meet weren’t present at address and I got to have lunch after all before going back to office for remainder of day.  Took mum shopping when I got back and we brought some chocolate and flowers for tomorrows visit to my hala (aunt) in south London.  Mum off to bed again before 8.

Two incidents that amused me today.  First was when I found her in my bedroom with my wedding ring on her finger, far too small for her.  Second was when she emptied my purse of coins to give to me.  But took the £5 note and put it in her coat pocket.  Very uncharacteristic of her.

Thursday 21 November;

A good day.  I managed to wash mum’s hair and we got her ready to go out to south London to see my cousins.  We got there just after midday and left just before 7 and I picked up Jafer from a local station and we came back together.  It was lovely to see everyone.


Mum got a bit restless but she came out with me to pick up Jafer and perked up when we returned.

Friday 22 November;

Dead tired as I write this after 10 tonight.  I worked from home before going to a meeting and then I had another meeting meaning I didn’t get into the office at all today.  And as soon as I got back home we went shopping and didn’t eat till 6:30.  Mum ok for most of day but restless after deciding to go to bed, deciding to stay up for a while before settling down.

I watched the television debate with the leaders of four parties today.  The audience was rough on all leaders but Corbyn also had some questions from people sympathetic to him.  Johnson as usual bluffed his way through and tried to give his standard ‘get Brexit done’ answer to any question asked of him.  We’re now three weeks away from polling day and if the opinion polls don’t start showing a shift to Labour it looks like we’re getting a Tory government.  Labour are creeping up, but so are the Tories, cancelling out any advantage they may have gained.  Brexit Party is likely to get a derisory vote having exposed themselves as a front for another version of the Tory party and the Liberal’s may end up damaging Labour, doing very little good for themselves and helping ensure the Tories get a majority.

Saturday 23 November;

Up at 8.

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