28 December, week 23

Saturday 21 December;

A good day. Mum took all her tablets and was in a good mood for most Hy to bed at 8ish, but was quite confused and incoherent for about half an hour beforehand.

Sunday 22 December;

Very quiet this morning. I was awake but in bed and eventually got up at 7:30 to put the kettle on. Still no sign of mum, who usually opens her bedroom door at this point. I went into her room and she’s sat up in her bed in a very contented state. ‘I didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable’ she said. ‘You haven’t, I’ll make you a cup of tea’. Anyway we watched telly, I made breakfast and she ate well. I then had a bath and endured a moments hostility when assisting her to be washed. The rest of the morning was spent calmly, listening to music and then after 12 Mehmet and Adel came to pick her up to take her to London for a few days, I’ll be picking her up Christmas Eve. Off she went with a smile on her face.


I dropped Penny off at our old house where she’d gone to collect some post and have a cup of tea with the new owner and I was interested to hear of the progress of her renovation when she got back. I’m so glad I sold the house to someone who can invest and continue the improvements I’d started when I brought it in 2000.

Jafer was around this afternoon and I cleaned my bedroom and tackled the doorbell that doesn’t ring. It now does, I just had to change the batteries but I had a spare bell in case. I prepped dinner and then Penny came back followed by Bea a little later and we had dinner. Jafer and Bea have now left and Penny and I are alone in the house and will have all of tomorrow to ourselves. I need to get a new set of front tyres fitted, do some Christmas shopping and that’s it.

Monday 23 December;

No one to get up for. So what does my body do? Wake up at 6:30. I drifted in and out of sleep for a couple of hours and eventually got up about 9:30. After a couple of cups of tea in bed I’d caught up with social media and read a chapter of a book I brought with the vouchers Jafer gave me for my birthday in April. Then got up and tried to get a set of front tyres but Kwik Fit was packed out, no space in the car park and I didn’t have an hour or so to sit around so came back and Penny and I went to Tenterden to do some Christmas shopping and then after I dropped her off again I made another attempt to get a set of front tyres but it was just as busy in the afternoon as it had been in the morning so instead I went shopping for gifts for Penny. I’m super organised this year. I don’t normally get this done till the day before Christmas. What else did I do? I pulled mum’s bed away from the wall and treated some mould and gave it a good clean with the vacuum cleaner. The evening was spent watching telly with Penny, a documentary about Hugh Grant and now I’m here updating my blog and trying to finish another one.

Christmas Eve;

Awake before 7 again. This time I got up at half past and enjoyed the quiet and did some work on the PC before Penny joined me. After breakfast I drove to London to pick up my mum from Peri, returning home just before 3. Jafer and Kenan were here and mum was initially happy to see them and chat etc. before talking about going home to her mum. Kenan had dinner out tonight and Jafer joined us before going out for a piss up with his friends. Mum sat up and went to bed just after 9.

Christmas Day;

Up at 7:30 and before too long everyone else is and we have breakfast, get washed and open the presents. Mum enjoyed parts of the day, didn’t enjoy other parts. Kenan brought his PC down from London with him, he doesn’t have room for it in his place and we had problems with my external hard drive so didn’t get very far transferring files from one PC to another. I got some nice clothes from Kenan and Kat and a combined present for a day out in a hotel with a spa and all sorts of things as well as afternoon tea. The hotel is in Eastbourne so not too much of a trek. Mum got some clothes, slippers, pyjamas, a photo and was her usual grumpy self when given stuff. She liked unwrapping them though. Mum stayed up with us till about 8:30 by which time she’d fallen asleep on the sofa. Having got into her pyjamas she got a second wind and was up and about seeing what was going on. I think it puts her out other people being awake when she’s gone to bed. Anyway, we watched BBC1 and Eastenders was grim and I will watch Mrs Brown’s Boys when I’ve more energy as it’s late.

Kenan cooked the dinner, all I did was prep the sprouts and chicken and then carve it afterwards. Mum prepped the potatoes, carrots and parsnips. He did a good job and the Yorkshire pudding was great even though 4 eggs did make the batter rise more than usual in the oven.

Boxing Day;

Mum up at 8 and the rest of the house a short period after. Mum contented and happy with the company of the boys. They left with Penny to visit her mum in Hayling Island and I got mum washed and dressed and went to Glyne Gap to buy an external hard drive and some milk. Got back and uploaded some files to the new toy and had lunch. I then couldn’t get the monitor to work. I spent 20 minutes looking for my mobile and then watched Palace beat West Ham on Penny’s tablet. We came back from behind and the winning goal came in the 90th minute, a brilliant effort from Ayew. We had supper and sat and watched telly till everyone returned. Mum brightened up and stayed up till 10 and went to bed because others were but she was a bit confused and wandering before settling down.

Friday 27 December;

I lost track of what day of the week it was and forgot that Sevda was coming for 6 hours between 11 and 5 today. Mum up at 7:30 and we got ourselves up and ready and when Sevda arrived, Penny and I went to Rye to look around the shops and have lunch in a Turkish restaurant that’s been recommended. It’s good but less than ideal for taking mum with us in the future as the toilets are down a flight of steps. I made another attempt to get a set of tyres but was told to return tomorrow as they didn’t have the required size today. We did some other shopping in Hastings and came back about 3:30. Penny made an urgent appointment at the vets for Molly.


She’s not been her usual self, has been sleeping in one of the spare rooms and barely moving except to use the litter tray. She couldn’t jump to her usual standards and her belly was swollen. In short similar symptoms to her sibling Nemo who was put down three years ago. This time we decided not to get x-rays etc as it was clear the end was near. Up to a week ago she was her usual self so the decline was quick. With mum around it takes the focus off the well being of pets but I said to Penny last night ‘I think she’s dying’. I went to the vets with Jafer, Molly was his cat, he named her and she doted on him whenever he was around. Last night she was in the room Kenan slept in and she managed to jump on the bed and made a nuisance of herself as she does. So as you can guess after the vet did some checks she confirmed what we already guessed and we decided to have her put to sleep rather than keep her going for a bit longer when no doubt the pain will increase. Mum is a bit oblivious to the cats, at first when she came she was concerned that they were hungry when they vocalised but lately she has been unpleasant towards them. But I doubt whether she will notice that Molly’s not here nor ask after her. After coming back we had supper and mum stayed up till gone 9 when I suggested she go to bed as she was asleep in the front room. But then stayed awake to see what was going on before settling half an hour or so later.

One thing I should also mention is that that Kenan has been fixing the issues plaguing the operation of my new PC. I now have sound as well as vision.

Saturday 28 December;

Up just before 8, mum sat in bed and contented.

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