12 January, week 25

Saturday 4 January;

This morning feels like a long time ago.  I took mum out to the bank and left her sat on the sofa’s while I queued up.  She struck up a conversation with an Asian woman next to her, she was speaking Turkish but the woman was good enough to wait till I was served before leaving as it looked like mum would follow them out of the bank.  We then went to the supermarket and got some essentials and came back for lunch.  We rested this afternoon, I did her toe nails and made a pasta dish for dinner.  Mum ate well, she likes pasta and doesn’t protest when I add more to her plate, she just stops eating when she’s had enough and if there’s food on the plate she gathers it up together on the plate in readiness to being tipped down into the bin.  This evening mum stayed up till 9, she was tired but didn’t want to go to bed before this time.

Sunday 5 January;

Two days till I return to work.  I haven’t been thinking about it but I now have one day left to complete a few chores I’ve avoided over the previous 17 days.  Today I washed mum’s hair, that was an ordeal for her.  The rest of the morning went well and we did some shopping locally before returning in time for the match.  We lost one nil to Derby, a division below us and playing not our strongest team but kicking off with the 5 who started on New Years Day.  If that wasn’t bad enough our captain got sent off and now joins the list of absentees for the game against Arsenal next weekend and probably another two games after that.  Mum was in a grumpy mood late afternoon and evening, nothing could shift it.  She wanted to go home but when I suggested we leave the house she refused.  She went to bed at 8.  Plus she’s only had 3 of her 7 tablets today, has been refusing them all day.  On the plus side I’ve been in touch with Debbie by email and caught up with her and also chatted to Ben by text.

Monday 6 January;

We took mum to Eastbourne today, just to get out and try and lift her mood as she was grumpy again this morning.  Her mood didn’t improve immediately but slowly as we picked up a few bits and pieces.  We looked in the Debenhams which is closing but couldn’t find what we were looking for.  We then went to a McDonalds for lunch.  As mum isn’t keen on using her fingers to eat this was a risk, I ordered her chicken nuggets instead of a burger and she was fine with them and French fries.  We got back and not long after she became unsettled which continued for a few hours until the evening.  She’s eating well today, is eating snacks on the sofa in front of the telly which she usually declines, even my jelly beans which Kenan got me for a Christmas present.  She stayed up till nearly 10.  I was tired this afternoon but have perked up a bit since.  I have to go into the office tomorrow.

Tuesday 7 January;

Back at work but first the silence at 7 am.  I took advantage of the opportunity to have a quiet cup of tea in bed.  Mum was up half an hour later and then it was a rush getting ourselves and mum ready before I went to the office.  Only 44 unread emails, not bad after being away for 17 days.  I spent the day reading them, replying to the ones I needed to and preparing for my supervision tomorrow as well as a few other administrative tasks.  I got home for lunch to see a new carer as mum’s regular carer is still off sick.  When I got home in the evening I took her to the supermarket with me to get her out of the house.  She ate well but has only taken two tablets today, both in the evening.  If this carries on it will impact on her health but she may take all of them tomorrow and be back on track.

50 people killed in a stampede at the funeral of the Iranian general killed by the American’s.  Tragic and all too frequent, the pilgrimage to Mecca has also been the start of stampedes.  Surely there’s got to be a way of policing such events to stop one funeral becoming the cause of another 50?

Wednesday 8 January;

Up at 7, this time mum was up too and not too great.  Refusing medication again.  By the end of the day she’d taken all but one of the seven.  In to the office and I had supervision this morning and this afternoon I trekked over to Bexhill to complete a client assessment which I circulated by the end of day in order to try and find accommodation for this person.  I had a KFC for lunch on the way to my afternoon appointment and just enjoyed my own company.  Me, my food, The Guardian and my headphones plugged into my IPod.  Mum in a good mood when I got home, she went to bed before 8 today.

Thursday 9 January;

Up at 7:30 and as mum’s carer was here today we organised the day to take advantage of the additional support.  That said I still took mum out twice.  I’ve had to put a lock on the bedroom door as it’s impossible to keep following mum to check that she’s not getting disorientated looking for the loo.  With the activity of the day I’m quite tired but want to stay up for Question Time.

Friday 10 January;

Mum up at 7 and got her to take all her tablets before 10 am so all good there.  Worked from home and had a meeting and went to office after lunch.  By the time I dealt with emails, made a few phone calls it was nearly 3 and that left 90 minutes before my working day ended.  Mum home with Penny, Jackie turned up lunchtime and Jafer and Bea shortly before me.  Mum cheerful as she likes the variety added by people visiting.

Palace have signed Cenk Tosun on loan from Everton.  We were after him a few years ago.  At 28 he’s not been given a fair chance with the Toffees so I hope he’s hungry to prove himself.

I’ve not said much about current affairs recently.  Yesterday someone said about Harry and Meghan ‘who’s wearing the trousers?’ and expressed shock that he made a decision about his future without first talking to his grandmother.


I’m all for respecting my elders but if I had to get my grandmothers approval about major decisions my life would have been very different.  And not better.  Of all the royals Harry was probably the best of them, and the fact he needs to distance himself from the rest says all we need to know about the monarchy today.  The poor guy is trapped.  Born with privileges but expected to be on show from the day he was born.  As an institution a monarchy should be irrelevant if we aspire to be a democracy.  What the comments made yesterday that I referred to at the beginning of this paragraph reminded me of was that we’ve a long way to go before we are a nation where everyone is equal.

Saturday 11 January;

A busy day.  Jafer and Bea were about and mum enjoyed their company.  We watched Palace draw v Arsenal.  After the way we started that was a good result, by the end it could have gone either way.  I cooked kofte and liver and onions Turkish style, with rice and salad.  Mum in a good mood for most of the day, but only took 5 out of 7 tablets.

You might remember I complained about a BBC presenter, I got this email last week which stated

‘This is an update to let you know that we had referred your complaint to the relevant people and regret that it may take a little longer before we can reply. Please do not contact us in the meantime’.

I’ve still not heard anything.

Sunday 12 January;

Up at 7, mum a little earlier than that, she’s grumpy but taken all her tablets as we watch telly.


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