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Unfulfilled potential

Good morning all, the sun is out and I’m off to London later to catch up with John, Andreas, Yat and Ben.  We’re coming up to 30-40 years of friendship and our last meeting was too long ago, January 2016.  Friendship nourishes the soul and it’s an essential part of my battle to maintain positive mental health to stay in touch with all I know and love.


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Don’t be a cabbage

A two nil victory, the second successive victory and out of the bottom three, suddenly the weekend is getting better!  But it has been another grinding week in adult social care and I’ve felt lacking in energy or motivation to do much all day.  Earlier in the week I tasted something unusual with my lunch.  My fillings!  Although blessed with a full set of teeth (and hair) a trip to the dentist beckons on Monday.  It’s been a few years since I’ve last visited.  I know!  Do as I say, not as I do! Continue reading “Don’t be a cabbage”

The year of near misses

I’m in my retreat now.  No going out to share the roads with others.  No negotiating supermarket aisles with the masses.  Just me, Penny, Jafer, Kenan, the television, IPod, food and drink to look forward to.  And it’s what I need.  I’ve been poorly all week.  Monday was a day for coughing, Tuesday for perfecting my deep gravelly Tom Jones impersonation.  The coughing returned at nights so I could keep Penny awake and limit my sleep.  Back to work on Thursday but only to tie things up and ask for Friday off.  Yesterday and today my voice is at falsetto range, perfect for impersonating the Bee Gees.  But that’s it.  I can shut out the outside world.  Except I’m addicted to news.  On my phone, on my radio and on my television.  I won’t dwell on it until next time except to urge that that you all stay safe, warm and remember how lucky you are.  Of course anything could happen anywhere.  No one expected to get run over doing their Christmas shopping in Berlin.

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Speak your mind!


A long drive back to Edinburgh and feet up in Leith.  Wasn’t really able to go at top speed till the motorway started in Perth.  Was looking for service stations but they are limited in number as generally associated with motorways.  Eventually had a late lunch near Perth. And got bitten by a wasp in the ear. No one bites me and gets away with it.

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Take the skinheads bowling!

News doesn’t get any better does it?

Generally men don’t find it easy talking about their feelings.  They say ‘it was emotional’ when what they mean is ‘I got upset’.  Well I got upset watching a Turkish film called Mustang in the Electric Cinema this week.  In the same country the film was based in there was a week of a failed coup attempt, a government clampdown on thousands of public servants without any evidence and the assumption of dictatorial powers which follows the establishment of a state of emergency.  And here was a film about five Turkish girls trying to have a childhood.  Here’s an interview with the director and co-writer of the film.


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Amsterdam, before the flowering of tulips




31 January 2016; This morning I left a damp cloudy country and I now sit by the pool wearing trunks and flip flops.

I wish…Amsterdam is not that far away! After the shortest flight I’ve ever been on (45 minutes) I am instead relaxing in a hotel room. Hotel is a converted tram station and bedrooms are behind bookcases. We followed instructions at airport tourist information and arrived at Amsterdam Central by train. Then we’re told by the information desk that we were in wrong place. Completed journey by taxi. Standard of driving is good but I’m confused by the cars and trams sharing the roads. I’m sure the Dutch know what they’re doing but I wouldn’t.

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