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Slow moves to Pressure Drop. Or Five Go Mad in Clerkenwell

Monday evening and I still ache from Saturday’s exertions.  The joy of ageing! As some of you may be aware I missed the last train home.  This realisation was whilst I was travelling southwards on the Northern Line at 11:45 and I’d just pulled up at Angel, Islington.  I’m not going to get to London Bridge, Platform 15 in 8 minutes I thought.  So I considered the night train option.  The one that left London Bridge just after one and arrived at Hastings just before 8 am, with hours hanging around Brighton Station in between.  But wait, Jafer lives one stop away from London Bridge.  So I called him and woke him up at midnight and one hour later I was in his flat.


I got to spend a little time with him discussing the election and watching a replay of Football Focus before I set off and returned home 24 hours after I’d left.  Perhaps  I should have booked that Travelodge after all. Continue reading “Slow moves to Pressure Drop. Or Five Go Mad in Clerkenwell”

Up the workers!!!


Tomorrow I see my friend Richard Lees, I first met him in 1986.  In January 1986 Cleshar Employment Agency sent me to Highbury Grove Adult Training Centre, a pretentious name for a day centre for adults with learning disabilities.  The name was a throwback to the industrial model of day services where units were set up doing repetitive menial work with the people attending getting paid a wage at the end of the week.  With the decline of British industry and the social model becoming more accepted the name remained but it was run with groups offering therapeutic care, social education, leisure opportunities.  It was here I met many current FB friends.  I was based in Special Needs 2 which was supporting clients with learning and physical disabilities.  Special Needs 1 was for clients with challenging behaviour.  They represented a minority of the clients using this service. Straight away I got thrown into the social life of the staff team, attending a party on the first weekend after I started.  Friends included Andy, Heather, Lindsay and Denise.  

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