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Where has the Conservative Party gone?

Good Saturday morning to you all.  Jafer is returning home later this evening and tomorrow we’ll watch Palace v Hull together.  If we lose we’re at huge risk of relegation because we might have to beat Manchester United in our last game of the season at Old Trafford.  But we’ve beaten Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal this season so it’s not completely beyond us.  My mood this week has improved.  Next week I am meeting up with Ben, Yat, John and Andreas for a few drinks and a catch up.  They’re friends from my teenage years and we get together once a year and keep in touch via social media etc. the rest of the time.

My post last week generated quite a response and I am thankful for the support you expressed about my disgust about the mud slinging at the parents of a missing child. However neither the person who made the post nor their many friends who voiced support for the views they expressed have opted to have a debate with me about their opinions.  Silence is their response. Continue reading “Where has the Conservative Party gone?”

We beat Arsenal!


Happy Easter to all but let’s not forget about those who have to work bank holidays and weekends.  Such as care workers.  This week a study said 900 a day are leaving their jobs, and 60% of them get a job in a different setting.  One worker said

“It’s upsetting and disheartening when you find out that people earn more than you do in a supermarket just for stacking shelves.”

Is this the best as a society we can do?  I think we can do better. Continue reading “We beat Arsenal!”

Live with your dad


My campaign to get the English to support Wales is bearing result, six pages of discussion on a Palace fan’s website and the overwhelming majority is in favour, if a little pissed off to see the Welsh squad celebrating Iceland’s victory…..

Funnily enough Alan Shearer said he didn’t have a  problem with it.  Wales are officially the best British team and England’s defeat confirmed it.

This week will be interesting, the Chilcott Report Continue reading “Live with your dad”

Your hooligans are not welcome.

Well, day three of the Euro’s and a fine start to the Welsh campaign which sets up the battle with England nicely.  England played well and will be disappointed with a draw after such a performance but the football has been overshadowed by the behaviour of fans inside and outside the stadium both last night and since at least Thursday night.

The images of innocent people being attacked is appalling and shows that some people are using sport as an excuse to attack others for no reason other than their ethnicity. Continue reading “Your hooligans are not welcome.”

Do your best lads, if we lose it’s not the end of the world, we can have another chance in about 20-30 years

I woke up yesterday to this interview with two young Palace fans, Jack aged 9 and Joe aged 7.  Any pessimism I had was washed away by their enthusiasm.  It’s only 2 minutes and starts at 50 minutes 45 seconds in.

I reprint the text in full; but it’s better to listen to the radio, click on the link.


Hello I’m Jack and I’m 9
Hello I’m Joe and I’m 7
‘Are you excited about the FA Cup?’
YEEEESSSS Continue reading “Do your best lads, if we lose it’s not the end of the world, we can have another chance in about 20-30 years”

Archie, Marry Me

Workwise an incredibly busy week, lots of travelling, telephone calls and dealing with everything from hospital admissions to battling with DWP and DLA on behalf of clients.

Last week Palace sealed off their last home game of the season with a fine comeback v Stoke.  Tomorrow we play our final league game v Southampton who we’ve already beaten twice this season, once in the cup, I hope good things come in threes.  During the week Kenan managed to acquire a Cup Final ticket which arrived on Thursday.

I anticipate with a mixture of hope and apprehension. Continue reading “Archie, Marry Me”