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Go forwards

I will be taking a break from blogging. Although I may only do one a week I need to recharge my batteries. I will be back in September when unlike the country I will be going IN to Europe.

It’s been an interesting 10 months since I visited Scotland and returned to blogging. The election of Trump is a low point and that fool is making a joke of his country. The high point is the bringing down a peg or two of Teresa May and her awful government. They now fear us because without power they have no reason to exist. They will cling on to power as long as possible. And the longer they cling on the greater will be their defeat when they eventually reckon with the British public.

I would like to thank all of you for your comments, both private and public. You encourage me and in turn I hope I can encourage you.

Instead of blogging I will be sharing the blogs of others on social media. Everyone has their own style and reason for writing. My own purpose is to just pull together events occurring both in my personal life and in the wider world and hopefully make a connection between the personal and the political. In doing so I hope to demonstrate that nothing happens without their being a cause. And for every problem there is a solution. I don’t pretend progress is easy. Those in power are determined to preserve their privileges and hold on to the wealth we’ve all helped to create but which we’re denied a share of. We’re not greedy. We want a decent education. An opportunity to use our talents. To be rewarded fairly for them. And when we’re old we need dignity in retirement. And a health service that treats us regardless of our bank balance or where we were born. And I don’t just want this for me and my family. I want and demand it for everyone. I recognise no borders. Which are artificial creations which will in themselves change in the future. I describe myself as an INTERnationalist and reject all who seek to divide us into groups. These are my beliefs based upon my life experience. I reject the descent into apathy, cynicism and indifference to the suffering of others.

I will express myself and not depress myself.

I will leave you with a quote from Tony Benn

”If we can find the money to kill people, we can find the money to help people.”


Burning Spear – Tradition

Hello to all.  I’m very tired today after what’s been a busy week with two trips to London in the past 7 days and another to come.  On Tuesday I attended the funeral of my eniste.  There isn’t an English equivalent to this word; the closest you’d get to it is uncle.  But an eniste (pronounced e-nish-te) is the husband of your aunt, in this case my father’s sister.  I was awake at 6 that morning due to an early departure for one of our Italian girls, Marta but after dropping off the other three , I set off for south London.  I arrived at the New Peckham Mosque, opposite where I lived till 1976,


with 40 minutes to spare and there appeared to be an older man there who’d been even more punctual than I.  It was my father, who I hadn’t seen for a while and looking quite smart in his blue jacket.



Continue reading “Burning Spear – Tradition”

Locked out Boogie

Good morning and on a personal level it’s been an eventful few weeks.  Kenan got a first in his degree and yesterday learnt that he’d been awarded a prize for best final year project in the Electronics and Computer Engineering field.  In a couple of weeks we’ll be heading up to London for his graduation ceremony.  Jafer, like most people in the education sector, is counting down to end of term and a nice few weeks break from 5-11 year olds in August. He’s down in Hastings for the weekend. Continue reading “Locked out Boogie”

Go, now!

For many people Kensington conjures up images of wealth.  It is paired with Chelsea in the pretentiously named ‘Royal’ Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.  Last week Kensington was the last constituency to announce its result in the General Election.  On the third count the Labour candidate was declared the winning candidate by 20 votes over the sitting Tory candidate, who lost her seat, and her job.  During the week the Conservative Party declared that all former MPs who’d lost their jobs would be looked after by their party, having lost their jobs 2 years into a possible 5 year term.

But during the week North Kensington was in the news for different reasons as the fire in a tower block devoured the lives of at least 30 people and we won’t know the full number until the emergency services have made the building safe enough to properly check all the flats.  There are 120 flats and there could have been as many as 500 people in Grenfell Tower when the fire started. Continue reading “Go, now!”

In office but not in power.

A late start and a lazy Sunday morning.  Thursday night is still having an effect on my body clock.  I’ve been taking medication to help me sleep for years but I don’t think I need them.  I just need to stay awake for 36 hours and then I have a perfect nights sleep. On Thursday night I got a call from Jafer who was watching the election in a south London pub.  It was nice that he wanted some information on what happens in the event of a hung Parliament although at the time I was cautious about whether the exit polls were accurate.  And in the morning as I was getting ready to have a bath I managed to accidentally call my cousin Ayse and have a pleasant, but short chat.  Be good to get together soon. Continue reading “In office but not in power.”

Fear versus hope

Yesterday Penny and I travelled to Eastbourne to meet Chris, a former colleague from a day centre in north London.  Chris lives in York but was spending the weekend down south.  It’s thanks to social media that Chris is in touch with us and yesterday morning I got a lovely message from a fellow Tolly Park student about my blogs.  A fellow called Joe who I didn’t know but who I hope to get to know a little better, and this on top of a message from Claire last week.  So I was having a good week until last night when the news from London Bridge came through.  Our beliefs and values are being tested.  Will we be strong enough to get through this period without over-reacting and succumbing to hatred and intolerance?  I aim to be. Continue reading “Fear versus hope”

Slow moves to Pressure Drop. Or Five Go Mad in Clerkenwell

Monday evening and I still ache from Saturday’s exertions.  The joy of ageing! As some of you may be aware I missed the last train home.  This realisation was whilst I was travelling southwards on the Northern Line at 11:45 and I’d just pulled up at Angel, Islington.  I’m not going to get to London Bridge, Platform 15 in 8 minutes I thought.  So I considered the night train option.  The one that left London Bridge just after one and arrived at Hastings just before 8 am, with hours hanging around Brighton Station in between.  But wait, Jafer lives one stop away from London Bridge.  So I called him and woke him up at midnight and one hour later I was in his flat.


I got to spend a little time with him discussing the election and watching a replay of Football Focus before I set off and returned home 24 hours after I’d left.  Perhaps  I should have booked that Travelodge after all. Continue reading “Slow moves to Pressure Drop. Or Five Go Mad in Clerkenwell”

Unfulfilled potential

Good morning all, the sun is out and I’m off to London later to catch up with John, Andreas, Yat and Ben.  We’re coming up to 30-40 years of friendship and our last meeting was too long ago, January 2016.  Friendship nourishes the soul and it’s an essential part of my battle to maintain positive mental health to stay in touch with all I know and love.


I will be thinking of my friend Robert Lucas who is on the other side of the world and perhaps we’ll have a toast to him. Continue reading “Unfulfilled potential”

Where has the Conservative Party gone?

Good Saturday morning to you all.  Jafer is returning home later this evening and tomorrow we’ll watch Palace v Hull together.  If we lose we’re at huge risk of relegation because we might have to beat Manchester United in our last game of the season at Old Trafford.  But we’ve beaten Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal this season so it’s not completely beyond us.  My mood this week has improved.  Next week I am meeting up with Ben, Yat, John and Andreas for a few drinks and a catch up.  They’re friends from my teenage years and we get together once a year and keep in touch via social media etc. the rest of the time.

My post last week generated quite a response and I am thankful for the support you expressed about my disgust about the mud slinging at the parents of a missing child. However neither the person who made the post nor their many friends who voiced support for the views they expressed have opted to have a debate with me about their opinions.  Silence is their response. Continue reading “Where has the Conservative Party gone?”

A little more empathy

A lovely sunny morning on the south coast but there’ a dark cloud following me.  The results from Thursday’s local government elections confirmed what the polls were telling us.  The Tories have more councilors than before and Labour and Liberal’s and Scottish Nationalists have less.  The Greens and Plaid Cymru also improved their position.  The losses for Labour are offset by some positives.  Their candidates were elected with over 50% of the vote in the Liverpool and Manchester region without the need for second votes to be counted.  That is to say you rank the candidates 1 to whatever and they first count your first preference and then eliminate the least popular candidates and disperse their second votes until someone has over half the vote.  Labour also increased the number of councilors in Dundee, Doncaster, Northamptonshire and Norfolk.  The good news ends there.  Oh, and my local area of Castle and Braybrooke in Hastings re-elected Godfrey Daniels, a Labour candidate, in the East Sussex where the results were as follows;

Labour                    1,848     58.6%

Conservative             684     21.7%

Liberal Democrat      371    11.8%

Green                           252      8.0% Continue reading “A little more empathy”