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What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?

Somehow I slept through the night and the thunderstorms at 6:30 am.  And the window was wide open because it was a hot night.  Nothing better than waking up to the sounds of laughter.  Set your radio to Radio 5 and put it on anytime between 9 and 11 on a Saturday morning.  And we need laughter after the week we’ve had.  Going to bed Monday night, again with Radio 5 on, I got to hear the beginning of a story that by the following day had evolved into an attack by a suicide bomber which has caused the death of 22 and many more injured.  Would have been better for the rest of us if the bomber had just driven his car off a cliff.  Or sought help, not that there’s a lot of it about.  This week whilst at work we got a report of someone feeling suicidal.  The GP service were contacted and asked to do a home visit.  But GP had their quota of visits already set up so not possible.  So it was left to the police to go and see this vulnerable person.  Is that the really the job of the police?  Not that I doubt they’d do their best.

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In limbo in Holloway


Autumn 1985.  I’d returned home from my eight month stint as a volunteer and I’d got a taste for independent living so it was intended as a temporary solution.  I signed on with Cleshar Employment Agency on the Holloway Road and they sent me to Sotheby Mews Day Centre, a service for older people in Highbury.  In truth I found it a little dull but it was enlivened by chats with the people using the service.  I remember Miss Allen who was in her 90s and spoke German.  As a young woman she met Sigmund Frued in Vienna, I’m not sure if she was Jewish but both ended up in England.  She was quite useful to have around as there was a German woman who smiled a lot but spoke not a word of English.

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