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Go, now!

For many people Kensington conjures up images of wealth.  It is paired with Chelsea in the pretentiously named ‘Royal’ Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.  Last week Kensington was the last constituency to announce its result in the General Election.  On the third count the Labour candidate was declared the winning candidate by 20 votes over the sitting Tory candidate, who lost her seat, and her job.  During the week the Conservative Party declared that all former MPs who’d lost their jobs would be looked after by their party, having lost their jobs 2 years into a possible 5 year term.

But during the week North Kensington was in the news for different reasons as the fire in a tower block devoured the lives of at least 30 people and we won’t know the full number until the emergency services have made the building safe enough to properly check all the flats.  There are 120 flats and there could have been as many as 500 people in Grenfell Tower when the fire started. Continue reading “Go, now!”

Dancing with the fruit


Back from Scotland and back to reality, much as I’d like life to be one long tour of the unknown.  It was lovely to see my sister, niece and children on the way back and although Kenan didn’t require me to help him move on account of not selling his car it was a shame not to see him.  Jafer has been home for the week and I have a companion to watch the football with.


Relief.  Just relief.  
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